AI Text-to-Speech Converter

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Welcome to Toolsaday's premier AI Text-to-Speech Converter. Transform your written content into natural-sounding audio effortlessly. Tailored for a wide audience, our tool caters to podcasters, content creators, businesses, and everyone in between. Dive into a sea of possibilities with our advanced features.

Why Choose Our Text-to-Speech Converter?

Broad Voice Selection:

With 1000+ general voices and 240+ pro voices, we cater to every audible nuance you need.


Our support extends to 200+ languages, ensuring no message is lost in translation.

SSML Support:

Fine-tune your audio with Speech Synthesis Markup Language. Control speed, pitch, pause, and say-as attributes for perfect customization.

Share Everywhere:

Easily spread your audio across various platforms like YouTube, TikTok, IG, Facebook, Discord, and Vimeo. Let your content be heard universally.

Diverse Audio Formats:

Choose from formats like wav, mulaw, alaw, ogg, webm, mp3, pcm, and opus. Suitability for every platform and need.

Voice Styles Galore:

From a cheerful chat to professional narration, select from an exhaustive list of tones and moods. Our styles include empathetic, excited, newscast, whispering, lyrical, documentary narration, and many more.

How Does Our Text-to-Speech Converter Work?

Input Your Text

Simply paste or type your content into our platform.

Choose Your Voice

Navigate through our extensive voice library and find the one that resonates with your message.

Select Language

Ensure your audience understands you by selecting the right language.

Fine-Tune with SSML

Employ SSML functionalities to customize every aspect of your audio.

Pick a Style

Whether it's a cheerful announcement or a serious documentary, pick the style that fits best.

Select Audio Format

Decide which format you want your audio in for seamless integration.

Convert & Download

Hit convert and in no time, download or directly share your audio across multiple platforms.

Unrivaled Benefits of Using Our Text-to-Speech Converter

Global Reach:

With support for 200+ languages, your content can engage audiences from all corners of the globe.

Saves Time:

No need for expensive recording equipment or voice actors. Convert text to speech instantly.


Every aspect of your audio, from tone to pitch, is in your hands.

Universal Sharing:

Seamlessly spread your message across the world's favorite platforms.

Join the Sound Revolution

Step into the future of content creation. Experience aural excellence and unparalleled convenience with Toolsaday's AI Text-to-Speech Converter. Start today and amplify your message.