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Writing Tools

Custom AI Tools

Create your AI use case with ease. From business analytics to creative storytelling, build AI tools that fit your unique needs.

Word Pilot Editor

Empower your prose with AI-driven writing assistance—autocompleting, paraphrasing, summarizing, translating, and more.

Paraphrase Tool

Rewrite your article with a perfect Paraphrasing Tool.

Grammar Checker

Correct grammar and spelling can be ensured with the help of the Toolsaday grammar checker tool.

Plagiarism Checker

Scans your writing for errors and detects instances of plagiarism.

Tone Checker

Tone detectors read your words, punctuation, and capitalization to determine your tone.

Paragraph Generator

Generate fully optimized, written content faster and smarter with AI Paragraph Writer.

Blog Ideas

Get endless inspiration for your next blog post.

Blog Outline

Create an outline for your blog post in a jiffy and with minimal effort!

Blog Section

Write a section of your blog post.

Blog Introduction

Create an creative introduction for your blog post.

Blog Conclusion

Generate powerful conclusion statements based on the topics and information included in your blog post.

Text Genie

Write anything you want AI to write.

Story Ideas

Creates intriguing, imaginative story ideas with the help of advanced artificial intelligence.

Story Plot

Generate a creative and unique story plot based on story ideas.

Story Outline

Generate a creative and unique story outline based on story plots.

Story Chapters

Create engaging story chapters with ease using the Story Chapters Generator from your plot and outline

Story Flow

Continue the story where it left off to find out what happens next.

Story Rephrase

Easily rewrite stories while keeping the original spirit of the story intact.

Story Generator

Create an enchanting story or narrative with the help of AI Story Generator.

Dialogue Generator

Craft captivating dialogues with Toolsaday AI Generator. Tailor type, format & tone for standout writing projects.

World Building

Create your fantasy world with our AI-Powered world building tool.

Story Beats

Organize and develop the key moments in your story for a compelling narrative structure.

Facebook Ad Copy

Generate effective and engaging Facebook Ad Copy.

Facebook Ad Headline

Quickly and easily create Facebook Ad headlines for your business.

Google Ad Headline

Unlock the power of Google Ads with the help of the revolutionary Ad Headline Generator.

Google Ad Descriptions

Craft the perfect Google Ad Description with our easy to use Generator to make your message stand out from the rest!

Email Generator

Write emails and messages more quickly, and communicate with assurance.

Website Meta Description

Generate an attention-grabbing meta description for your website that will draw in visitors and help your page rank higher in search engine results.

Instagram Captions

Generate captivating Instagram captions in seconds with the help of the Instagram Captions Generator.

FAQ generator

Generate frequently asked questions easily with Free AI FAQ Generator.

Character Generator

Discover the Power of Creativity with Our Advanced, User-Friendly, and Time-Saving Character Creation Tool.


Enhance your creativity with world-building, character development, dialogue, editing & brainstorming.

Question Generator

Experience AI Question Generator—effortlessly create diverse, engaging questions for quizzes and assessments.

Jeremy Chat

Unlock your content's full potential with Jeremy AI Assistant. Create engaging stories, emails, ad copy, and more.


Effortlessly Simplify and Summarize Any Text with Our Cutting-Edge Text Summarizer

Developmental Editing

Revolutionize Your Writing Process with our AI Developmental Editing Tool

YouTube Description Generator

Generate compelling and keyword-optimized descriptions for your YouTube videos to improve visibility and engagement.

YouTube Name Generator

Generate unique and appealing YouTube channel names to attract more viewers.

YouTube Title Generator

Create engaging and click-worthy titles for your YouTube videos to attract more views.

YouTube Video Ideas Generator

Generate unique and engaging video ideas for your YouTube channel to attract more views and subscribers.

Newsletter Generator

Create compelling newsletters for your subscribers, keeping them engaged and informed.

Continue Writing

Pick up where you left off and keep your writing momentum going.

Song Lyrics

Generate captivating and rhythmic lyrics for your songs using AI.

Product Description

Craft compelling product descriptions that entice customers and boost sales.

AIDA Framework

Create content that captures attention, builds interest, generates desire, and inspires action using the AIDA model.

PAS Framework

Effortlessly create engaging content using the Problem-Agitate-Solution framework to address your audience's needs.

Story Summarizer

Summarize your story into a captivating brief, highlighting key plots and characters to entice readers.

Item Generator

Generates unique, detailed items for stories, ranging from magical artifacts to futuristic technology or key plot-driving objects.

Plot Twist Generator

Generate unexpected turns in your narrative to keep your readers on the edge of their seats.

Sentence Generator

Generate creative and compelling sentences on the fly for any writing project.

Book Title Generator

Generate captivating and marketable book titles to stand out.

Response Generator

Automate your social media interactions with AI-generated responses tailored to your audience's comments and questions.

Dialogue Enhancer

Elevate your dialogues to new heights with AI-powered enhancements, making conversations more engaging and realistic.

Brand Name Generator

Generate unique and catchy brand names that stand out.

Poem Generator

Craft beautiful and expressive poems effortlessly with the help of AI!

Cover Letter

Create professional and tailored cover letters for your email job applications.

Seo Tools

Open Graph Tool

Preview and Create Open Graph Meta Tags.

HTTP Status Checker

Check HTTP Status Code.

Redirect Checker

URL Redirect Checker.

Link Checker

Link Checker, Link Extractor, Broken Link Checker.

Gzip Checker

Check Gzip Compression

Page Size Checker

Check any web page size

Canonical Checker

Check if your website use a Canonical URL

Meta Title Checker

Check if your website use Meta Title

Description Checker

Check the meta description tag for its content and length.

Heading Tags Check

HTML headings tags (H1 up to H6) checker.

Keyword Density

Check the most common keywords in any webpage.

Deprecated Tags

Check if your website is using outdated, deprecated HTML tags.

Robots.txt Checker

Check to see whether your website is using robots.txt file.

Sitemap Checker

Check to see whether your website has sitemap.xml file.

Friendly URL Checker

Check to see if the URL of the webpage is seo - friendly.

Image Alt Check

Check if img tags on your webpage have alt attribute.

Responsive Image Checker

Check that the images are the correct size.

Favicon Check

Check that a favicon has been properly integrated into your website.

Content Length Check

Check the length of the content on your website.

HTTPS Redirect Check

Check your website to see if it redirects from http to https

Google Search Preview

See how your page's snippet will appear in Google search results.

Noindex Tag Checker

Check if your website uses the Noindex tag

X-Robots-Tag Checker

Check if your website is using X-Robots-Tag HTTP header

WWW Redirect Checker

Check that the WWW and non-WWW redirects are working properly.

Core Web Vitals Checker

Checks how users of mobile and desktop devices experience your website

Lazy Loading Images Check

Checks if images on your website are lazy loading

On-Page SEO Checker

If you want more organic traffic to your site, this tool will show you where you can improve your on-page SEO.

Text Tools

Binary Tools

Encode and Decode

Image Tools

Password Tools


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