Compare Text Online

This tool compares texts and determines the percentage of differences and similarities between two texts.

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What Is Compare Text Tool and How to Use It ?

The Compare Text Tool evaluates two texts and determines the percentage of similarity between them. This program can not only discover similarities, but it can also detect differences between the original and altered text, as well as show you which sentences were added or omitted from the original text. When you give a rewriting work to someone, this tool can help you quickly check the difference.

This application also allows a teacher to check for plagiarism in an article, essay, or writing project to ensure that your students are not plagiarizing from other sources. By copying the text, you can quickly look for duplication of your offline material, making your entire site plagiarism-free.

How to Compare Text ?

To use the tool, you must first enter the original text and then click the "Calculate Similarity" button to see the results.