Elevate Your Novel Writing with AI - Introducing Novel Studio

Streamline your novel writing process with AI-powered tools for character development, plot outlining, and immersive world-building.


Features That Set Your Creativity Free


Manage Characters, Locations, Items, and Objects

Organize the essentials of your narrative with ease. Keep track of your story's backbone—characters, locations, and pivotal items—ensuring consistency and depth in your narrative universe.

Plot Outline

Plan your novel's structure meticulously with our intuitive plot outline tool. Map out chapters, scenes within those chapters, and the transitions that weave your story together.



Dive into writing with a clear, distraction-free interface, or let our AI guide your creative journey. Whether you're crafting a scene or articulating complex narratives, our AI-powered editor is by your side to rephrase, shorten, expand, fix spelling and grammar, and summarize text effortlessly.


Engage with our versatile AI assistant tailored to your writing needs—be it General Purpose, Outline Planning, Character Design, Location Building, or Object Creation. Our AI assistant is your personal muse, ready to inspire and refine your ideas.


Elevate Your Writing with Novel Studio's AI-Enhanced Editor


AI-Powered Writing Assistance

Empower your manuscript with context-aware suggestions, autocomplete, paraphrasing, summarizing, and more—making your writing process as seamless as possible.


Accelerate your writing with intelligent autocomplete that anticipates your next words, offering suggestions that blend perfectly with your narrative flow.

Paraphrase & Summarize

Enhance clarity and engagement in your prose with AI-powered paraphrasing and the ability to condense extensive documents into concise summaries with ease.

Fix Spelling & Grammar

Ensure your manuscript is polished and professional with our comprehensive spelling and grammar correction tools.