Custom AI Tools

Create your AI use case with ease. From business analytics to creative storytelling, build AI tools that fit your unique needs.

Fanfiction Character and Plot Integrator
A tool designed to assist fanfiction writers in creating in-depth character analyses and integrating their plots cohesively within the chosen fandom world. Specify your idea, and get tailored suggestions that align with the original plot of the fandom.
Data Analysis & Report AI
An AI-powered tool that analyzes data and generates comprehensive reports, providing insights and visualizations for informed decision-making.
Viral Ad Copywriting Genius
Your innovative partner for creating viral ad copy! This tool dives into cutting-edge viral marketing strategies, fine-tuned to your specific needs. Featuring a new one-step ads creation mode for quick results alongside detailed step-by-step guidance.
Story Character Outfit Generator
An advanced tool for authors and screenwriters to generate detailed character outfits based on story context, time period, weather, character traits, and desired tone. Perfect for creating vivid, era-appropriate clothing descriptions for any narrative, including Regency-era stories and a wide range of fashion styles from classic to niche aesthetics.
Realistic Magic Maker
Harness AI to craft intricate and realistic magic systems for your stories. Analyze your narrative and develop compelling magical frameworks that seamlessly integrate with your world, enhancing depth and authenticity.
Advanced SEO Keyword Optimizer
A comprehensive AI-powered tool that generates and analyzes high-potential SEO keywords tailored to your specific niche, audience, and content strategy. Boost your search engine rankings and attract targeted traffic with data-driven keyword suggestions.
Image Text Extractor
Extract text from images quickly and accurately. Upload your image and get the extracted text in seconds.
Screenplay Scribe
A comprehensive scriptwriting tool that creates full-length scripts for TV shows and movies. It features a wide selection of genres, script structures, and allows for intricate stage directions, detailed character descriptions, and engaging dialogue. Collaboration and version control are available for a seamless writing process.
Meeting Minutes Composer
This tool helps to structure and compose formal minutes of a meeting. Users can input their extensive notes, list agenda items, and highlight key decisions, recommendations, and proposals, all while specifying the desired tone of voice.
Fantasy Currency Generator
Create unique, customizable currencies for fictional worlds, including time periods, money types, exchange rates, and economic scenarios.
The Smart Sales Coach
An AI-powered tool for sales professionals to improve their skills through simulations, email writing, and sales material creation.
Hyper-Detailed Culture Generator
An advanced tool designed for world-builders to generate intricate cultural profiles for fictional societies, incorporating societal norms, religious beliefs, governance, climate, terrain, time period, and matching natural resources to the selected climate.
Book Generator Plus
An advanced tool for generating book outlines, short stories, or full book content, complete with character creation, narrative styles, and more. Tailored to a wide array of genres and subgenres to fit any writer's needs.
Global Travel Guru
Your personal expert for global travel destinations, trip planning, budget building, and world exploration. Get tailored advice for your next adventure!
TV Show Episode Creator
An advanced tool designed to create full-length scripts for TV show episodes. Users can specify the genre, plot, main and supporting characters, setting, and themes, as well as character details such as sexuality and gender identity, to produce a script that aligns with their vision.
Business and Trade Generator
This generator creates unique business ideas or products, simulates trade scenarios, and determines the terms of trade. It can adapt to various time periods and currencies for immersive worldbuilding experiences, including the Regency era as depicted in Shonda Rhimes' Bridgerton series.
Romantic Idea & Detailed Outline Generator
This tool specializes in sparking romance-themed writing projects with a blend of dramatic, playful, and other tones. It generates comprehensive ideas and detailed outlines across various romance sub-genres, complete with subpoints, to guide writers through their creative process.
Expert Resume Editor
An AI-powered tool that reviews and enhances resumes, improving wording, formatting, and overall presentation for increased effectiveness. It tailors content to specific industries, focuses on key sections, and optimizes for target jobs.
Faction Generator
This advanced tool generates detailed descriptions of fictional factions for storytelling, gaming, and creative projects, including their name, leader, type, assets, goals, and more.
Magic Spell Generator
An immersive tool that concocts elaborate magic spells for storytelling, gaming, or entertainment. Users can customize the type of magic, effect, power level, components, duration, range, rarity, incantations, and now the spell's creator and historical timeline to create spells that are both unique and fitting for their magical world.
Kingdom Generator
This tool creates detailed descriptions of fantasy medieval countries, including geography, trade, climate, provinces, international relations, wealth, government systems, cultural details, military strength, prevalent religions, unique resources, and trade barriers.
Professional Resume Generator
An AI-powered tool that creates tailored, professional resumes with expanded sections for contact information, objective, experience, education, and skills, allowing for more comprehensive content.
FitSmart AI Coach
Get personalized, science-based fitness plans, workout guidance, and advanced nutrition insights tailored to your goals and lifestyle.
Novel Writing Aid
A comprehensive tool designed to assist novel writers with outlining, chapter-by-chapter writing, editing, and beta reading. Specify the task, topic, tone, length, genre, target audience, and any additional details to receive tailored assistance.
Multi-Course Report Card Generator
A versatile tool for educators to generate detailed report cards for students across multiple courses, including academic performance, behavioral assessments, participation, special achievements, overall grades, and performance in different assignment categories.
Magic Weapon Generator
This tool creates richly detailed magic weapons for fantasy settings, complete with customization options for weapon types, materials, elemental affinities, and a personalized history timeline that integrates the user's name.
Villain Master Plan Generator
This tool creates complex and tailor-made master plans for different villain archetypes, including magical beasts like dragons, in a fantasy medieval setting. Ideal for Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, the tool allows users to select a villain type, which then determines a set of assets to generate a plan with specific steps and contingency options.
Fantasy Medieval City Generator
A dynamic tool for generating richly detailed fantasy medieval cities for D&D campaigns. It provides randomly generated details such as city names, rulers, sizes, populations, major factions including their leaders, defensive capabilities, cultural traits, unique features, and criminal elements, with options for user customization.
Story Paragraph Generator
An innovative tool designed for writers to craft story paragraphs with ease. Users can input general descriptions for genre, setting, character, and plot points to generate a custom story segment.
Contextual Sentence Creator
This versatile tool crafts 1-2 sentences tailored to a variety of contexts including business, personal, and storytelling, with a rich selection of tones to accurately convey the intended message and emotion.
BlurbCraft assists authors in creating captivating blurbs for their books. Users can select from different blurb types, input essential details about their book, and receive tailored blurbs designed to entice readers.
Magical Item Lore Generator
This AI-driven tool crafts elaborate lore for magical items, weaving in their powers, previous owners' deeds, significant historical events, and cultural significance. It provides both ambiguous hints and specific details about their whereabouts, allowing seamless integration into any medieval fantasy setting.
Fantasy Race Generator
This interactive tool aids creators in generating richly detailed fantasy races, complete with customizable traits, environments, societal structures, genres, and lore. It includes options for both random generation and specific attribute customization, with added numerical details for greater depth.
Planet Classification Assistant
A comprehensive tool to classify planets based on a range of descriptive data, including radius, temperature, and more. This tool facilitates detailed categorization for research and educational activities in astronomy.
Class Schedule Generator
This tool generates customized class schedules for students of various grade levels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, including courses, credit hours, grading scale, and extracurricular activities. It accommodates preferences such as class locations, teachers, preferred times, school events, and additional constraints within a specified range of courses and electives.
Superpower Generator
An advanced tool that crafts a specified number of unique superpowers for characters, incorporating intricate details such as strengths, weaknesses, origins, power categories with subpowers, and featuring expert level, mind control, love-related, induction, and lethal abilities. Ideal for storytellers, game creators, and character design enthusiasts seeking inspiration for complex personas with compelling specialized abilities.
Enhanced TV Show Adaptation Outliner
A comprehensive tool designed to assist in creating detailed outlines for TV show adaptations, incorporating elements like target audience, tone, setting, content rating, themes such as pride, gender, sexuality, and age ranges for a tailored result.
Advanced Planet Generator
This tool creates highly detailed descriptions of fictional planets, including solar system context, planet type, climate dynamics, human habitability factors, physical characteristics, and indigenous species details. Ideal for sophisticated world-building in storytelling, gaming, or educational purposes.
Advanced TV Show Idea Generator
This advanced tool generates detailed TV show concepts complete with character outlines. Users can specify title, genre, subgenre, setting, key elements, tone, target audience, concept length, number of seasons, episodes per season, inspirations, and character details for a comprehensive series proposal.
Mixed Voices Choir Lyrics Generator
A versatile tool for creating choir lyrics tailored to mixed voice ensembles across a variety of genres. Users can select the genre, voice type(s), mood, tone, and arrangement, and the generator will provide customizable lyrics for different musical arrangements, with options to allocate verses for each section.
Comprehensive Chapter Enhancer
An advanced tool designed for authors to refine book chapters, offering enhancements for scene development, character growth, tone analysis, and vocabulary. It includes features to summarize previous chapters, predict upcoming events, describe characters, and note changes in relationships, ensuring consistency with the narrative arc.
Fantasy Deity Generator
This versatile tool generates unique deities for fantasy role-playing games. Users can input any desired attributes to create a comprehensive profile for each deity, including name, titles, and more.
Boss Battle Generator
A dynamic tool for dungeon masters to create engaging boss battles for medieval fantasy settings. It generates a boss's name, description, backstory, abilities, skills, phases, weaknesses, the boss room environment, and the treasure awarded after victory.
Enhanced Fantasy Dungeon Generator
A robust tool for creating immersive and challenging dungeons for fantasy role-playing games. Define the dungeon's difficulty, number of rooms, creatures, treasures, and let the generator craft a thematic name for the dungeon, complete with a formidable boss encounter.
Quest Generator
A dynamic tool that auto-generates compelling and varied fantasy quests for Dungeons & Dragons, tailored to the game's objectives, with unique names, detailed quest givers, multi-faceted objectives, generic dangers, and themed rewards.
Barony & Fief Generator
This tool creates detailed baronies, allowing for specific or random barony names, selection or randomization of the number of fiefs, and specifying whether the barony is ruled by a baron or is the royal seat of the king. It generates ethnicity-influenced names for lords and details their fiefs, along with describing the geography, resources, and landmarks of the baron's or king's lands.