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Custom AI Tools

Create your AI use case with ease. From business analytics to creative storytelling, build AI tools that fit your unique needs.

Unleash Creativity and Efficiency


Custom Tool Crafting

Tailor your AI tools with precision. Start by giving your creation a unique name, then describe its purpose and functionality. Enhance it further with detailed instructions and a prompt template to guide the AI's performance. This feature puts you in control, allowing for deep customization to meet your specific needs and use cases.


Conversational Configuration

Engage directly with 'AI Creator' to effortlessly customize and evolve your AI tools. This feature allows for real-time, conversational updates, making the process of refining and adapting your tools as simple as chatting with a friend.


Universal AI Customization

Craft AI tools for any task, from YouTube scripts and chat replies to Instagram captions and email content. Our 'Any Use Case' feature offers unparalleled flexibility, empowering you to tailor solutions for any scenario, unleashing creativity and efficiency across all your endeavors.