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What is Hexadecimal ?

A base-16 number system is defined by hexadecimal. In other words, it represents a numbering scheme of 16 consecutive numbers as base units (including 0), followed by a new location for the next digit. (It's worth noting that we're using "16" as a decimal number to explain a hexadecimal number that would be "10.") The hexadecimal numbers are 0-9, and the letters A-F are used to represent them.

In machines, hexadecimal is also found in the Red-Green-Blue color scheme. Each of the colors red, green, and blue is represented by a byte of two hex digits. Six hex digits are used to represent an RGB colour. In addition, hexadecimal is widely used to describe computer memory addresses.

How to convert text to hexadecimal ?

The String to Hex Converter shown above is extremely easy to use. Enter or paste the hexadecimal code you want to convert, and then press Convert below the paste section. The encoded string will be shown in the box below, where you can quickly copy it.