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Free online calculator that counts the number of words in a given text.

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What is Word Count Tool ?

Word Counter is a simple online tool that counts words, letters, sentences, chapters, and pages in real time while also testing spelling and grammar. Begin by typing directly into the text area above or pasting material from another source. Word Counter assists you in beginning to interpret text quantitatively by displaying the most often used terms and phrases. Knowing a text's word count may be useful. For eg, suppose an author is required to write a certain number of words for a post, thesis, study, novel, book, or document. WordCounter can assist with ensuring that the word count meets a particular criterion or remains under a specific cap.

What is Word Count Tool Used For ?

The word count method can be incredibly helpful for a wide range of tasks, assignments, and programs. School students are often assigned to write literature reviews, analyses, or lab papers, and they are normally expected to reach a certain number of terms for the task.