Canonical URL Checker

Check the availability of canonical URLs for a certain page.

What is Canonical Tag Checker ?

Test your website for the canonical link tag. When you have numerous pages with duplicate or extremely similar information, we recommend using a canonical URL to avoid duplicate content issues.

Why Canonical Tag Checker is important?

Google considers several URLs for the same page or separate pages with identical content (for example, a page having both a mobile and a desktop version) to be duplicate copies of the same page. All other URLs will be deemed duplicate URLs and crawled less frequently by Google, which will pick one as the canonical version and crawl it.

You can use this tag to indicate the URL you wish to appear in search results. These might be crucial archive or service pages for your site, but don't give them link weight or expect visitors to visit them. Implement Canonical on the website if you can't remove duplicate copies of pages and don't want them in the search index.