Image Alt Checker

Check if img tags on your webpage have alt attribute.

What is Image Alt Checker ?

Free tool to check that the images on your website have the appropriate alt attributes. Search engines employ alt text together with computer vision algorithms and information on a website to deduce what a picture is about.

Aside from providing a better understanding of what pictures are about, alt text may also assist Google better grasp your website's overall content. If you do this, your photographs will have a better chance of showing up in image searches.

What is img alt attribute?

ALT texts (alternative text descriptions) are brief explanations of images that appear on websites. A website's alt text is read aloud by screen readers and other assistive technology, and it is also indexed by search engines.

Alternate information is provided via the alt property if an image can't be shown for whatever reason (such as a broken image source or a sluggish internet connection). Images can be better understood by both users and search engines if the alt property contains relevant keywords and content.

How to Add Alt Text to Your Images

The following piece of HTML code is used to insert an image that has a specific alt text attached to it:

<img src="image_src.jpg" alt="alt text descriptions">