Lazy Loading Image Checker

Checks if images on your website are lazy loading

What is Lazy Loading Image Checker?

Lazy Loading Image Checker is a free tool to check if images on your website are lazy loading.

What is Lazy loading?

Lazy loading is a technique whereby resources that aren't essential to the system's operation are loaded only when they're needed, rather than being loaded in advance and holding up the system's performance. It's a technique for decreasing the time it takes to render a page, or the essential rendering route.

Some user behaviors, including scrolling and navigating, trigger lazy loading more often than others.

The advantages of lazy loading

  • Lazy loading a web page decreases page weight, allowing for a speedier page load time, although it does increase initial load time.
  • Saving on data transfer costs is another benefit of lazily loaded material.
  • Lazy loading saves system resources since only the necessary graphics, JavaScript, and other code is produced or run, which reduces the amount of data sent between the server and the client.
  • Why lazy loading image is important?

    Delaying the loading of images until they are really required is an excellent technique that decreases both total data use and network congestion during startup. Having to wait less for image decodes to complete can speed up startup and lighten the load on the main thread.

    But if you're not careful, your website's Largest Contentful Paint LCP might suffer from the lazy loading strategy. You should try to prevent the viewport's images from lazy loading at startup.