SEO Content Lenght Checker

Check the length of the content on your website.

What is SEO Content Lenght Checker?

The SEO Content Length Checker is a helpful free tool that may help you avoid publishing thin content.

Thin content is a negative thing in the world of SEO. It's bad for your SEO and will likely drive away potential customers. If you want to rank well on Google, your blog posts should be lengthy and of high quality.

Google has more information to work with when the content is longer. As your (optimized) text grows longer, the frequency with which your keywords appear increases.

Additionally, Google is more likely to see a page as having thin content if it has few words. All search engines aim to give users the best solutions to their questions. A full solution and public needs are less likely to be met by thin content. As a result, it will probably not be ranked highly.

How to fix thin content?

Using our paraphrase tool, you can take the original content and spin it into something more interesting, without losing any of the meaning. This will help to increase sentence length - making your content even more convincing!