Web Page Size Checker

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What is Web Page Size Checker ?

Web page size checker is a free tool for checking the size of any web page.

In the SEO field, the phrase page size refers to the downloaded file size of a certain web page. The page size is determined by the total number of files on the page. Our web page size checker will check for many files on a webpage, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, image files, and other resources.

You can use the Web Page Size Checker tool to see the size of your webpage.

Why Web Page Size Checker is important in SEO ?

When it comes to the search engine ranking of your web pages, page size does important. It will have an impact on both the ranking and the performance of your website.

A typical web page should be less than 3 MB in size. If your web page size exceeds 3 MB, it is realistic to expect your site to load slowly. A greater bounce rate is also caused by slow loading. As a consequence, start optimizing your default web page size for screen size dimensions, website layout size, and total site size (including images). You should make an effort to keep the page size under 3 MB. Starting at 3 MB, the smaller your website, the faster it will load, resulting in a steady decline in bounce rate.