HTTP Status Code Checker

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What is HTTP Status Code Checker?

The HTTP Status Code Checker is a free tool that allows you to check the status of an HTTP request. Check any website's HTTP Status Code with our tool.

What is HTTP Status Code?

HTTP response status codes show whether or not a particular HTTP request was completed successfully. The responses are divided into five categories:

- Responses to Information (100–199)

- Responses that were successful (200–299)

- Messages of redirection (300–399)

- Responses to client errors (400–499)

- Error answers from the server (500–599)

When is an HTTP Status Checker Necessary?

For your site to be search engine optimized and appear in the results, you must use the right server responses code. It has an effect on the search engine range. That is why we have built a simple and quick HTTP Status Checker application that is both free and easy to use. You may use it to verify the status of each page on your site's response code and make sure that all of the chains are configured appropriately.

The real server response code of your web pages should be checked in a variety of situations. If you remove an HTML page, you must tell the search engine and users by returning a 401 or 404 server response code . Set up an appropriate redirect if you've relocated the website's content to a new URL so that people may discover the new page via new links.